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How to start working with Leadguru

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To start working with Leadguru, you must register first. You can do it by entering your business email on the main page, or by clicking on the Sign-Up link in the top menu.

You will be redirected to the registration page and will have to fill out the registration form.

Search Location, Search Technologies, Search Industries – optional fields. This information will help us find and recommend you the most relevant leads through a personalized Guru Feed.

For example, if your leads are companies from the USA and Europe interested in developing software on Angular and Ruby on Rails in the Health Care domain, then your form will look like this one:

When you fill out and submit the form, you will immediately enter Leadguru. In the future, to log in, you will enter your email and password on the login page.

After logging in, you may check and correct the Leadguru Settings by clicking the profile icon in the right corner.

We have already described the Search Location, Search Technologies, and Search Industries fields that you have seen in the registration form.

Search Location. It means where your prospective clients are located (e.g. USA, Europe).

Search Technologies. Here you should specify technologies that your prospects are using or plan to use (e.g. Angular, Python).

Search Industries. Specify a domain your prospects work in (e.g. Fintech).

Algorithms. Leadguru has 3 algorithms. Please, select the ones that you plan to use with Leadguru.

 Keywords. Here you must enter keywords related to your leads. For example, if you are looking for prospective clients for software development, you may enter here such keywords as software development, software developer, software engineer.

Block Words. Here you may enter words often used along with your targeted keywords but indicate leads that are not related to your business (e.g. course, study, book, help, advise).

Leadguru interface

The main part of Leadguru is the Guru feed on the left side. Here are the leads that Leadguru’s algorithm found for you.

In the center, you may see the initial message from the active lead or previous dialog with this lead.

On the right side, you will see the Lead Info panel with additional information about the chosen lead.

You can learn more about the basic elements of Leaguru from our Quick guide.

Beginning of work

In order to start working with Leadguru, you need to have a positive credit balance. Credits are an internal measure of resources spent by Leadguru for finding prospects for you.

After creating an account, you will be able to purchase the required number of credits. Our manager will contact you within a few days.

In order to start communicating with the lead you are interested in, you must save it first. You can do this when your credit balance is positive.

Each lead has two Save buttons: in the upper right corner of the lead card and in the right lead panel.

The saved lead will be marked with a specific symbol. You can communicate with saved leads without restrictions, even if you have no credits. If the credit balance becomes exhausted or it is less than required, then you will not be able to save the lead.

Types of leads in LeadGuru

There are 2 types of leads in Leadguru: Leadguru Leads and Personal Leads.

Leadguru Leads are real leads that were found from 350+ preconnected Leadguru workspaces recommended for users.

If you just created an account, you don’t have any personal workspaces yet (workspaces that you have personally connected to Leadguru).

On the left side of the app, you see a personalized Guru Feed that contains only Leadguru leads recommended for you. These leads closely match your preferences specified during registration and in your profile settings. If you have not specified any preferences, the Feed displays all Leadguru Leads found.

Leadguru Leads have a special mark.

Saving Leadguru leads results in writing off certain amount credits. You get a message about this before saving.

This information in the message is displayed to make you able to identify the Leadguru workspaces that are most useful to you and then connect them as Personal workspaces. From Personal workspaces, Leadguru will find Personal leads for you.

Personal leads are those leads that were found from those personal workspaces that you connected to Leadguru.

Unlike Leadguru Leads, credits are not being written off when you save Personal Leads. Credits are debited while monitoring messages in connected personal workspaces: 1 monitored message costs 1 credit.

You receive Personal Leads only from connected Personal workspaces and only if you have credits to process messages. In all other cases, the leads are Leadguru Leads and are marked accordingly.

Personal workspaces connection

We recommend connecting those workspaces that contain the largest number of useful leads and prospects. This tactic will increase the number of leads you receive and lower their cost.

You may connect any of 350+ Leadguru workspaces as a Personal workspace. Moreover, you may connect any other useful workspace, in which you are registered. In this article, we have described where and how such communities can be found.

The connection of personal workspaces is carried out in the Sources – Add Source section.

This article will tell you how to connect Slack communities to Leadguru.

Communication with prospective clients

When your lead is saved you may start communication via Guru Feed or Chat.

For this purpose, there is a chat at the bottom of the Leadguru.

In the following article, we described several useful tactics and tics that help you attract more clients successfully via communication and avoid common mistakes.

Moreover, we have templates that may help to automate your communications with prospects.

  • #B2B
  • #Customer Success
  • #Sales