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How to find Slack communities?

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Do you know that Slack has over 12 million active daily users, and more than 750,000 organizations already use it in 2021? It makes Slack one of the most popular business messengers.

Slack is not only an app for team communication and work. It is widely used as a platform for various communities where people can discuss different topics.

In general, Slack communities, or Slack channels are private or public groups of people that discuss various topics according to their interests. Slack communities are very similar to Linkedin, Facebook groups, or forums such as vBulletin, phpBB, etc. Many people prefer to carry out business communication on one platform and choose Slaсk for this purpose.

Slack communities unite thousands of professionals around the world in different fields such as software development, hiring, product management, design, and many others. All you need is to find the most suitable for your needs and interests.

Here are several useful sources of Slack communities.


There are numerous lists in which Slack communities have been gathered based on different interests, topics, and locations.

Compound lists

An Ultimate List of 230+ Slack Communities – numerous communities divided not only by professional fields such as Software development, design, startups, marketing, product management but also by location: Asia, Europe, Global communities.

The Full List of 400 Slack Communities – one of the most popular lists. Contains many communities for specific programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, Java, etc. It has wide sets of communities according to different fields and locations.

97 Best Slack Communities for Entrepreneurs  – list of communities that help you to become a better entrepreneur. It contains many slack groups for developers, marketers, product managers, designers.

Professional lists

The 8 Slack Communities Every Marketer Must Join – the most prominent Slack communities for marketers

101 Slack Communities for Remote Workers – regularly updated list for professionals who work remotely.

Candidate Sourcing: 109 Slack Groups to Find New Hires – one of the biggest lists for recruiters that will be useful to source candidates.

46 Slack groups for developers – general coding, learning, testing, different frameworks and programming languages.

15 Slack communities to follow if you are a product manager – product management and marketing groups, agile communities.

7 Slack Communities for Recruiting and Hiring – top HR communities list.





Standuply is a chatbot that has been gathering Slack communities and groups since 2016. Now Standuply has more than 2000 communities in its database. You can use this service to find the communities according to your interests such as Product Talks, IT Talks, Programming Talks, Marketing Talks, Finance Talks, Hardware Talks, Local Talks.

As you can see, Standuply is very useful for any IT company to find prospective clients and partners.


Slofile is one more public 1088 Slack Group database where you can search Slack communities and channels to connect. You may use relevant keywords to find specific communities.


Reddit is a perfect network of various communities where people can discuss different topics. Here you can find a lot of specific Slack Groups and Slack communities.


Qura is the most popular Q&A platform, where you can post your own questions or search information among existing answers. Using specific search queries, you may find very restricted professional communities such as this one for iOS programming.


Perhaps, the most obvious and easiest way to find Slack communities according to your needs is searching Google. You may start with a very broad query such as How to find Slack communities and end up with very specific ones which help to find Slack communities discussing specific professional questions related to certain geographical areas.

Final words

As you can see, there are many different sources where you can search appropriate Slack communities. You may use not only the above-mentioned sources but also all other sources such as social media, personal networking, professional articles, and many others.

With the help of Slack communities, you may find the right information, right product or services, right people. For instance, LinkedIn has been being used as a source for prospective clients for different types of businesses for a long time. Now many product and services companies are looking for prospective partners and clients in Slack communities. They find appropriate communities and start communication with people who expressed interest or need in certain products or services.

Much easier getting clients using software that automates all routine operations for message monitoring, sales prospecting, and information processing. All these tasks can be accomplished by Leadguru – an automated social selling platform that monitors different connected communities and find the most relevant messages and its authors.

I think that Slack communities deserve your attention for modern business. Don’t you think so?

Here is our collection of different Slack workspaces for Social Lead Generation, Sales Prospecting, and Social Selling.

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