Table of contents

Leadguru Features List


Leadguru finds leads for:

  • Software development companies
  • HR-agencies
  • Product companies



  • User-processed leads analytics charts
  • Saved/deleted/archived leads charts

Follow-up reminder

  • Calendar with scheduled follow-ups
  • Ability to switch to a chat with scheduled for contact leads
  • Ongoing follow-ups notifications

Guru feed

  • Getting leads from Personal and Leadguru workspaces
  • Automatic sorting of feed by date of communication and update of lead data
  • Lead Profile info: LinkedIn link, Workspace link, Time zone, Publication history, Technologies and Locations tags, Thread, Workspace channel
  • Assigning a follow-up date to leads
  • Assigning boards and statuses to leads
  • Lead tagging with CTO / CEO / Founder/Recruiter/Director tags
  • Lead processing: save/delete/ send to spam
  • Visual Lead scoring scale for leads
  • Ability to edit the profile of a saved lead
  • Create custom notes in the lead profile
  • Feed filtering by technology
  • Feed filtering by location
  • Feed filtering by post date
  • Feed filtering by Slack activity status (online)
  • Feed filtering by including/removing Leadguru leads 
  • Getting reactions and likes from Slack for a lead message
  • Leadguru leads look different than Personal Leads
  • The user is able to save a Leadguru Lead for further communication for a certain amount of credits.


  • Communicate with prospects through the LeadGuru interface via chat
  • Send/edit/delete outgoing messages from an advanced text box
  • Mark incoming messages as unread
  • Notification about unread messages in the application, on the user’s email, and in the browser tab
  • Search for leads by name
  • Filtering dialogues according to a specific board/status
  • Filter conversations by unread messages presence
  • Sorting conversations by the last conversation date and by the value of the lead scoring
  • Saved lead processing: delete lead, send to spam, archive, status or board change, update follow-up date, and edit lead profile info.
  • The ability to filter chats by the status of its current activity in Slack
  • Expanded functionality of working with text and templates
  • Scheduling Messages to leads
  • Unanswered messages quantity notification
  • Ability to display only chats awaiting a response from the user


  • Advanced dashboards creation for lead tracking, processing, and scoring
  • Default board with statuses: Lead / Prospect / Opportunity / Call / Contract / Refuse
  • Ability to manage default board and status settings (in user’s settings)
  • Create/ edit / delete an unlimited number of boards and statuses for placing saved leads
  • Unloading data to CSV
  • Filtering leads with unread messages
  • Search through boards
  • Switching to a chat with a lead from the board

Sorted Leads

  • Storing deleted / archived / spammed leads
  • Recover deleted / archived / spammed leads


  • Ability to find, save and start communicating with any contact from all workspaces.
  • A link to the contact’s workspace
  • Contact’s title
  • Ability to  switch to chat with a contact after saving it


  • Possibility for users to add personal workspaces
  • Managing personal workspaces and channels:      add/edit/delete
  • Managing available channels of Leadgurг workspaces connected to the user by the Leadguru team
  • Ability to view the last 100 channel messages to understand their relevance before connecting
  • Ability to pause/resume monitoring of channels from  connected Leadguru workspaces


  • Building personal analytics including data for all personal connected workspaces


  • Charts with the average number of processed messages and the credit expiration date forecasting
  • DEV: Adding paid Leadguru leads to the forecast calculation


  • Creating / Editing message templates for further chat use. Deleting templates.


  • User profile management in Leadguru and Slack
  • Change feed settings


  • Feed default board and status setting
  • Application white/dark theme
  • Account login preferences
  • Change password tab

UX features

  • Monitoring leads and messages from desktop or mobile devices.

Customer support

  • Help desk functionality