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What is Leadguru?

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Often I have tried to answer the question “What is Leadguru?” Finally, I have arrived at the following definition:

Leadguru is an automated lead generation and social selling platform.

To learn why this definition fits, let’s define Leadguru together, reviewing its main goals and functions.

We started developing Leadguru to help businesses find prospective clients in online communities. People spend a significant part of their time on various social media sites and often publish messages expressing a particular need or interest. Our idea was to monitor posts in selected communities to find messages with a stated interest in a certain product or service.

To test our idea, we became our first client. Leadguru helped us find leads for our software development company, Mitrix Technology. In our case, leads are professionals who express an interest in hiring software developers or development services.

First, the search is carried out by a machine learning algorithm, which monitors all users’ messages in the connected communities. Because the number of monitored communities is limited, Leadguru is not considered a social listening software.

Second, our algorithm automatically finds the most relevant leads in the connected communities, thus automating the lead prospecting process. We are working on connecting with communities in other social media platforms, such as Discord, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

Nevertheless, Leadguru is not yet considered a social lead generation software. Let me explain. Social lead generation is a process of generating leads through social media marketing: sharing content with an audience to engage people with your brand, product, or service. Our clients have expressed interest in publishing posts in the connected communities, so we plan to introduce this functionality shortly. But for now, Leadguru primarily performs lead prospecting, or finding people who have the potential to be converted into customers.

Third, when we have collected a certain number of leads, we need to qualify them. We must find the most relevant and promising leads for future contacts. Leadguru allows us to choose, qualify, and process such leads using numerous boards associated with particular criteria.

Fourth, we can write to leads directly and begin communication with the most promising leads. This process is called sales prospecting. As we know, sales prospecting is the process of contacting potential clients via cold email, phone calls, or personal messages to create sales opportunities.

Fifth, after a positive response, a lead can be qualified as an opportunity and a sales representative can continue to communicate with this lead to transform an opportunity into a deal. All communication occurs through personal messaging in a social network or messaging app.

The process of selling via social networks is called social selling. In contrast to many other tools, Leadguru is not only a social prospecting tool but also a social selling tool, because it enables continued communication with a prospect via its interface.

Going forward, Leadguru will allow leads who are interested in our products or services to be exported into a CRM and transferred to the sales team for further communications. Right now, we are working on creating this functionality.

Moreover, Leadguru will not be used only to search for software developers. We also plan to search for leads for product companies in the B2B area. We look forward to helping HR agencies find appropriate clients to fulfill their workforce needs.

It makes Leadguru a platform for multiple business solutions.


Finally, we can properly define Leadguru:

Leadguru – an automated lead generation and social selling platform.  

The Leadguru pipeline can be visualized here:

  • Post monitoring. Leadguru monitors messages in all connected communities.
  • Lead Prospecting. Leadguru finds leads in the connected communities.
  • Lead Qualification. A Sales Development Representative (SDR) reviews each lead and chooses the most promising ones for further communication.
  • Sales Prospecting. The SDR sends a message to chosen prospects to initiate communication.
  • Social Selling. The SDR continues to communicate with prospects who have demonstrated an interest in the product or service to transform an opportunity into a deal.


Leadguru is an automated lead generation and social selling platform that finds prospects in connected online communities on messaging apps and social media and allows you to qualify and convert them into clients via direct communication.


  • #B2B
  • #Customer Success
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