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How to convert your leads into clients with Leadguru

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Tips for effective communication

Lidguru is a very effective tool for finding leads. But whether your leads become your customers or not depends largely on the salespersons and their ability to conduct a dialogue with potential customers. In this article, we will share with you some effective techniques that Lidguru salespersons are using to communicate with customers.

Experienced salespersons write mostly cold emails, long texts that few people want to read. Communication in Leadguru is different. We do not write long texts, we communicate with leads in the same way as we usually communicate with friends on social networks. The tone of the conversation is not formal or official, it is rather friendly. Our goal is not to write long novels, but to write as succinctly as possible.

The initial task of the salesperson who works with the Leadguru and writes the first message is to get the lead interested. Lead can be interested if you do not dump tons of information on him at once. Before starting a dialogue with a vacancy publisher, you need to find out as much information as possible about this person and about the employer company. This information will allow you to find out if this person is a decision-maker, or a recruiter, or an employee who just shared information. If you know enough about the company it will help you to start a conversation with the right questions. Useful information about the company and its key employees can be found at Linkedin and on the company’s website.

Before initiating a conversation, you should think about the person who published the post, and how you can help him. Based on this, choose a strategy for writing a message.

Leadguru receives messages not only from HR specialists, but also from CEOs, CTOs, and developers. If your lead is a developer, and he needs colleagues for his team, you can first talk to him, and then ask for contacts of the decision-maker. When you go to the decision-maker, having previously talked with someone from the company, then you better refer to this employee, making the contact “warmer”. The decision-maker is more likely to start communicating with you because you have already interacted with someone from the company.

If the author of the message is an HR or a recruiter, then, according to our experience, there is no point in writing to them. They are looking for developers on the payroll. They will not hire developers for outsourcing or outstaffing, because they cannot make money from it. Moreover, they are not decision-makers. But sometimes it’s worth paying attention to the company the recruiters work for. They can be from a recruiting company and hire for a third-party customer, or from the hiring company itself. In this case, it makes sense to talk to them to find out the details about the position. This will check if you can close this position and if you have enough resources to offer your services. After that, go to Linkedin and find the decision-makers of the company who can make a decision about outsourcing development and add them to contacts for subsequent dialogue.

If you know the name of the company, you can check their website, and find the email addresses of decision-makers. If you have no response on LinkedIn there is no way to send a follow-up if you are not a contact. However, it is more likely that they will respond to your email. Remember even there you do not have to write a poem, be as consistent as possible.

You can start a conversation as follows:

Hi! How are you? I saw your post that you are looking for a dev. My name is … I’m from… maybe you are interested in…



If the vacancy was published a while ago, ask if it is still relevant.



When we work with Leadguru, we qualify the leads according to their requests, we look at what they are looking for. Always take a close look at the vacancy post itself. It may not contain a link, the name of the hiring company, or it may not mention whether they are looking for a developer remotely or not. We can begin a conversation by clarifying these details.

Sometimes you can start a conversation representing your company. For example, “we do outsourcing, outstaffing, we work with such stacks…”. Moreover, it is necessary to write like that when the post contains a detailed description. We can pre-study the company, all the details about the developer it needs.

It is also important to pay attention to the location. In some countries, developer rates are low, so it doesn’t even make sense to start a conversation. If an employer wants a developer for 15 dollars/h, we won’t be able to find a developer even cheaper to make some money from it.

Extreme attention should be paid to the size of the company. For example, if it’s Google or a company with more than 1,000 employees, they probably don’t need your services.

Remember that the client is not always ready to purchase your services right here, right now. Perhaps, for their current project, they need completely different services (for example, onsite only). But it is still an opportunity for you to build a network with a potential partner, so don’t miss it.


We hope these tips will help you to get new clients successfully with Leadguru!

  • #B2B
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