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Building the first truely automated hands-off outbound lead-generation solution

We know how much outbound lead-generation can be a painful and labor-intensive process. That is why most B2B companies tend to overlook this method because it is seen as: too expensive, too manual and complex.

Our mission is to make outbound lead-gen as easy as running an Ad on your favorite social network or search engine. Your outbound lead-generation can be as efficient and ROI-driven as any other channel. How ? 

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Semi-Finalist PITCH Competition 2017

First Member Residents

Incubator Member 2017

The Team

Badis Khalfallah

Badis Khalfallah


Badis is an expert in Marketing and Sales. After multiple experiences in Finance, Advertising and Insurance, in the US and Europe; Badis decided to help B2B companies grow and succeed. This is how was born. Badis is a graduate of HEC Paris and the George Washington University.

Wadi Chemkhi

Wadi Chemkhi


Wadi is an exceptional software engineer with extensive experience managing complex software development projects. After working in IT consulting, he joined the adventure to help all companies grow with extraordinary sales prospection software. Wadi is a graduate of INSA and holds a masters degree in Computer Software Engineering.

Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume Moubeche

VP Sales

Guillaume is an highly skilled project manager and a natural-born sales talent. After working in 6 different countries in project management and sales, he joined the adventure to help companies grow with extraordinary sales prospection software. Guillaume is a graduate of HEC Paris and holds a Master of Science in Chemical Science and Engineering from Chimie Paristech (ENSCP).

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